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     Hello Everyone. I'm Auran Shereef. Konnex Consulting spawned from my previous company Konnex which I founded in my college dorm room. After graduating from the University of Maryland I worked at a series of DOD companies. But when I was 24 I picked up a copy of "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Upon reading the book I discovered "the secret" that lies within...Utilizing the "Law of Attraction" I manifested meeting the legendary Bob Proctor when I was 26.

    I attended his program called the Matrix and it changed my life. From that point I founded a software technology company called "Konnex".  After a serious Motorcycle Accident and getting a second chance at Life. I decided to pursue my Dream. In less than a year I built a successful software company, published multiple books and was interviewed on various shows. 

    The goal of the company was to connect people together in an unforgettable way thorough our innovative software platform. Konnex would store the date, time, location of interactions amongst individuals. After a period of time I put the company aside to find a new direction. As a result I now run a software consulting agency with its primary goal to help business owners and individuals take their companies to the next level.

      Konnex is still in progress. 

Inspirational people that helped me along the way

Bob Proctor-The Legend

I met Bob Proctor when I was 26 years old and he completely changed my life. This Picture was taken outside his house in Toronto, Canada.

Kevin Plank- CEO Under Armour

I met Kevin Plank at the  University of Maryland when I was 24 and attended his Competition "Cupid's Cup" and he inspired me to start my company.

Brendan Iribe- Founder of Oculus

I met Brendan Iribe at the University of Maryland while attending a hackathon called Bitcamp. He was a major inspiration to me.

Steve Case- Founder of AOL

I met Steve Case at his speech at University of Maryland. He also inspired me to start my company.

Christopher Scolese- Former Director of NASA

I met Christopher Scolese when I was working at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. This picture was taken when he delivered his "Maniac Talk" 

President Pines- President of University of Maryland

I met President Pines when I was a freshmen at the A. James Clark school of Engineering. He inspired and motivated me to become the best engineer I could be.

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