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Your Network is your Networth

Your the average of the five people you surround yourself with.- Aurangzeb Shereef

James Loree-CEO of Black & Decker

Merylm Hewson- CEO of Lockheed Martin


Barry Elckson- CEO of Airbus

           Anthony Casalena- Founder of Sqaurespace

Tim Chi- CEO of Wedding Wire

              Patrick Wohjan- Mayor of College Park

Dr. Loh- Former President of University of Maryland

    Gary Williams- Former UMD Basketball Head Coach 

Mark Turgeon- Current UMD Basketball Head Coach

Zachary Leonisis- Son of Ted Leonisis

Sean Donovan- Producer of Think & Grow Rich

Brian Proctor- Son of Bob Proctor

Phil Goldfein- Hollywood Movie Producer

Sandy Gallagher- Bob Proctors Business Partner

Andrew Kortina- Venmo Cofounder

Dr Mote- Former President of Maryland- 1998-2010

Dean Vijay Kumar- Dean of University of Pennslayya.

Aaron Kruase- Founder of Scrub Daddy

Lori- Cheeked-Shark Tank

Anik Singal- CEO of Lurn

Jimmy Kim- CEO of Sendlane

Gerad Adams- Founder of Elite Daily

Wolfgang Sonnenburg- Founder of Winspiration day

Charlie Birney- Founder of Podcast Village

Mike Volpi- Venture capitalist

Daniel Sugarman- CEO of Zentail, Y Combinator finalist

Jon Talerico- CEO of a million in you

Matt Gallant-Former host of planets funniest animals

Doland White- CEO of Rapid Crush

Matt Gallant-Former host of planets funniest animals

Blaine Bartlett- Speaker

Kobe Benvisiti, CEO of Modern Day Millionaire

Sam Medile- President of OCP, Angel Investor

Dean Triantis- Dean of UMD Business School

Ryan & Bryan Swann-Public Speakers

Evan Lutz- Founder of Hungry Harvest

Robert Hisaoka- Distinguished UMD Alumni

Mindy- Shark Tank Casting Director

Ken Ulman- CEO Margrave Technologies

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