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Konnex Goal Cards

React Vs Respond Coins

5 Step 

Buisness Accelerator Program

5 Step Business Success Program- $1997

We designed a revolutionary 5 step Business development program. We work with you to develop and create your business to ensure it is profitable and ensure you are meeting your customers goals/needs.

Step 1: Intake of you business

Step 2: Find out your needs

Step 3: Review of your business, business plans, goals, needs.

Step 4: Review of your website or creation of one. Monetization Strategy.

Step 5: Earn Revenue, gain paying customers.

Konnex Coaching 


Konnex Coaching Program- $2997

#1. Includes Konnex Coaching Modules.

#2. Monthly Program.

#3. Konnex Books.

#4. Konnex Workbook.

#5. Live Weekly Calls

Konnex Premium

Konnex Buisness Page- $19.99 Monthly

#1. Includes Premium Buisness Page on Konnex

#2. Premium Listing on Konnex Profile Page

#3. Automatic Enrollment into Konnex Premium

Konnex Master the Art of Networking

Konnex Master the Art of Networking

#1. Your Network = Your Networth Program

#2. How to leverage your network to become rich.

#3. How to connect with the world's most successful people.

#4. Live Weekly Coaching Calls

#5. Audit of your current networking skills, relationships.

Konnex Book Program

Konnex Book Program- $99.99 Monthly

#1. Weekly live Readings with Auran Shereef

#2. Top Recommended books for success

#3. Book program to publish your own books.

Konnex Tips

Konnex Tips- $9.99 Weekly

#1. Live Weekly thoughts of Auran Shereef

#2. Live recordings on voice memos of Auran Shereef's thoughts

#3. Exclusive access to Auran Shereef's mind & thoughts

Wake up with Auran

Wake up with Auran Program- $97 Week

#1. Live Morning calls with Auran Shereef to work on your goals for the day

#2. Recordings of daily book readings and lessons

#3.Reprograming your mind for new habits for success

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